National Parks Tour 2017

59°F Light Rain

Blake’s Cross Country National Parks Tour

National Parks Passport, Annual Pass, Amtrak USA Rail Pass

Getting ready to start the journey 1 week from today. It’s been months in the making and planning. All of my reservations and itinerary are now complete and confirmed. I can’t believe I will hit 16 states, 9 national parks or monuments, and 7 cities. This is a trip I’ve wanted to do my entire life. It’s funny, as a kid you rolled your eyes and were annoyed your parents dragged you to places across the country when you were young. Now I appreciate that they took the time, effort and instilled the spark in hopes that some day we would do the same thing.
There are many aspects that I’m excited about. This trip has so many different aspects that will push my limits, challenge my fears and create an amazing experience. A few highlights and teasers will be horseback riding across the continental divide, snorkeling in a hot springs crater, star gazing in a canyon, attending a concert at Red Rocks and white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. Out of all of those I’m actually most looking forward to traveling by train and meeting new people and connecting with old friends that have been a part of my life the past. Here’s to a journey that strengthens the heart and feeds the soul.




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