The Windy City


I didn’t realize they call it the windy city not because it’s windy but historically they have said the politicians here are full of wind.  I guess for now we can say we live in the windy country.
There has not been a visit to a national park yet, but my visit to Chicago was quite amazing


. I only spent 24 hours in the windy city but it was a beautiful and fun filled 24 hours. Thanks to the advice of friends on Facebook I got my deep dish pizza, saw “the bean” and even caught a rehearsal for a concert in the park. The architecture river tour is by far the highlight of the trip. Folks, these people know so much about the city and you get to see it from amazing angles that it is the MUST DO for Chicago. The AirB&B I stayed at was great and I even got to catch up with an Boston friend that I played softball with 12 years ago and made a few new friends along the way. All aboard for the 18 hour trek to Denver!

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