Midwest Train Excursion

Midwest Train Excursion

This is the part of the experience was most looking forward to as I booked this trip. What would it be like to travel across the country by train. Walking out on the platform in Chicago it’s almost comical to see these little people walking next to such an impressive machine.

I was one of the first ones on the train through comical series of mishaps on my end. I must say most of the Amtrak staff is so friendly and helpful. I climbed up the stairs to the top level and found my seat. This time the train filled up and just before we were about to depart a woman asked if the seat next to me was taken and then settled down beside me. Ingrid was quick to introduce herself and had a very pleasant disposition. We started talking and quickly found that we were both in education. We began discussing all sorts of education topics and comparing what education is like in Massachusetts and Wisconsin. Some similarities, some difference and it seems like always the same frustrations in our profession.

We at dinner in the dining car together meeting two other people at the table from Chicago heading to Denver to get high. They were young, pleasant and already part way there of accomplishing their getting high goal. It goes to show that you meet all walks of life. The evening finished with dinner, wine a more conversation with my seat partner and then off to sleep. Learning from my first leg, I had bought a small throw blanket and pillow in Chicago and that helped me get a much better nights sleep. We flew through Nebraska overnight and now are just about 30 minutes outside of Denver, MTN time. The scenery vastly different, I immediately thought, the song is right there really amber waves of grain. It was quite picturesque waking up to a sunrise and thunderstorm off in the distance.

This leg has convinced me that train travel is an unique and relaxing way to travel. Denver here I am!

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