A Day at Disney…..I mean Rocky Mountain

Ok folks, I’m a people person. I really am. I teach children, am lead teacher for music, am co-president of the union.  I enjoy people and I can work hard to solve problems. Silly me and how I thought that the National Park would be a peaceful and solitary experience surrounded by nature. Well….bring out the Disney (Check out this link for a song to sing) bus cause that’s the best way to get there when it’s busy #onlywaytogetthere

I will admit I got here a bit late. I was in no rush to drive 2 hours in traffic and hike all morning groggy. I thought I would drive right in at 11:00am and I did. I did not go the route 36 way (btw…on a saturday, that’s like waiting in line for the new ride at Disney). I took the road less traveled and entered over by my motel on route 34. I did fly right in

with my Annual Pass. Folks, buy the annual pass it’s so worth it. $80 bucks for the year if you’re a young guy like me.

So, I thought I was great and this whole park thing would be empty. After, I breezed through the gate I proceeded to sit in a line to tell me parking was full, then I circled about 3 lots until a nice volunteer park service told me to go back downtown, park there and then take the shuttle up to the park. Yes, folks a shuttle. They pack them in there like crazy and good luck getting on the first one that comes. The shuttle then sat in 40 minutes of traffic trying to get through the main gate. Oh, did I mention, NEVER go on a saturday midday.

Wow, was that a kick in reality for me. I guess I was thinking the way I grew up in nature, no one was around. It was empty, I was hoping someone would come along. The slap of reality in my face made me a little crazy and I just wanted to get in nature. I went to Glacier Gorge trailhead (via bus) and began to hike. The trail was busy but looking up you saw just spectacular views. I was taken back at how busy the trails were. Would it be this crowded my whole excursion? It was not what I had hoped for on this trip.

I must say even though I was a bit tense for the lack of foresight on my part, getting to mills lake was absolutely amazing. Take a look at what I saw.

This made me relax quite a bit and realize that man I had such a primitive view of what a national park would be just because I grew up in the Adirondacks and they were quite secluded. I’m looking forward to an awesome climb tomorrow.

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