Elder Siskavich Takes A Crater Bath

Wow, today was just wow! I went to downtown SLC and walked around Temple Square. The sisters were out in full force, being kind and helpful every step of the way. It was interesting to learn more about their religion and they even have quite compelling points to drive home their religion. Don’t worry, I didn’t convert but I did see some fantastic recitals and rehearsals.

The square is so absolutely pristine. Every nook and cranny was clean in all the buildings I visited. Of course, my main goal was to see the tabernacle hall. The acoustics were so incredible. I was also able to see the organ recital in the hall. The low pipes made the entire space vibrate. As a music teacher, what a thrill.

I snuck away to the public library. Thanks for the advice Marianna! There is a staircase that goes up to the roof of the library and the views of the entire city and mountains are wonderful. The beautiful building alone is worth the .5 mile trek from Temple Square.

Then it was of to Midway Utah about 45 minutes away to soak in a carter mineral bath, another suggestion by my friend Marianna. I snorkeled in this 96 degree water for about 35 minutes. It was so relaxing to look around and float in the water. This is a must do if you are in the SLC area. You must reserve an hour time slot ahead of time as they only allow so many people in at a time.

The day was already amazing and then it was topped off with seeing my friend Katherine that I worked with at a Summer Camp for several years. It was lovely to catch up with her. The last time I saw her was actually in London 10 years ago. She was living and working there and I was on tour with the BSO chorus. It was wonderful to see how things have changed and yet she had that same bright shining personality and character that I remembered.


The evening ended with heading to the LDS conference center to catch an hour of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal. I have loved all of my hiking, outdoor adventures, and meeting new people, but the music teacher in me absolutely loved this experience. The hall seats 21,000 people. The acoustics are wonderful and hearing this well know choir practice in person was a dream come true. To put it bluntly, I cried. What a surreal moment for me.

Now I’m waiting for a train that is running 90 minutes late. It’s time to leave SLC and wake up tomorrow in California. The delay won’t put a damper on the wonderful time I had in Salt Lake. I will be back!

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