Roll ’em back East!

IMG_3188It was an early travel day today and I was still feeling a bit queasy from a spot of what I believe was food poisoning.  The train dropped me off at 5:00am in Flagstaff AZ.  I headed to Denny’s for some breakfast and to relax before Michael picked me up in the rental and we headed up to Zion.


The drive up to Page was absolutely stunning.  Even not feeling up to snuff, I couldn’t help but marvel at the scenery around us.  We stopped several places on the way there, Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon, a short hike from Route 89 outside of Page.  Lake Powell and the the dam.



Page is a nice little town where we had lunch and picked up some food at Safeway, had lunch at the Dam Grill and then headed to our Antelope Canyon tour.   Antelope Canyon is on the Navajo reservation and the only way to see it is with a Navajo tour guide.  Reserve this early and try to get an afternoon slot.  The afternoon slots were filled when I tried to book this 2 months ago.  The light is the best in the canyon in the afternoon.  It was still absolutely stunning even on the 4pm tour.  It does get rather dark in the canyon at that time.  We were told that we could not post any public pictures of inside the canyon unless we had a permit.  The Tribal Council would come after us legally.  You need to purchase a permit to do that.  Here is one picture of me outside of the canyon.  Those who are interested I”m happy to privately share pictures so you can see this gorgeous canyon.


After that excursion, we went up to our hotel in Kanab, UT.  Kanab is a small little wester town of about 4000 people.  Yes, I’m back in the state of Utah, this time, on the extreme southern border.  I took Michael to a nice belated birthday dinner at Sego.   This is a wonderful tapas place.  We had an awesome meal outside before we headed to bed for a very early morning start in Zion National Park.

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