Bryce, Dixie, Cedar Breaks and Red…sounds like an episode of Designing Women

We headed up towards Bryce Canyon via a longer route that took us through Dixie National Forest.  Interesting place that had been formed by Lava.  The lake was so crystal clear because of that.   The drive was lovely and there were little towns throughout our drive.


After a lovely lunch at Cedar Breaks National Monument, we headed over to Red Canyon.  We stopped and took some pictures and did a little trek up a little hill, it was quite steep, but the views were spectacular.


We then headed into to Bryce to make our hiking plan for the next day.   We drove around saw some deer and antelope along the way and then had a fantastic dinner at Bryce Canyon Pines.  The food was good and yes, the pies are all they are cracked up to be.  We headed into the park again for a night sky presentation by the ranger.   Walking through the park in the dark was rather amazing.  It reminded me of growing up in the Adirondacks, the amount of stars you can see out here.  The rangers have a nice little program where you can look through telescopes at different places in the sky.  My favorite part was just walking in the dark with Michael and looking up to see millions of stars along the milky way.  We were lucky enough to see a few shooting stars as well. Pictures would not come out with this lack of light, so you’ll have to use your imagination or get your butt to Bryce Caynon night program. I highly recommend it.

There were several thunderstorms that rolled through that night.  Being so high up on the plateau it’s pretty amazing to be so close to the storm.     We were up early the next day and in the park by 7:30am.  We started at Bryce Point and hiked the Peek-a-boo loop and Navajo Trail Loop.  It was a total of 6 hours and about 10 miles.   Anyone that is in decent physical shape can make these hikes.   The Navajo loop is only 1.5 miles and it is heavily used.  It provides some great perspectives of Bryce, but Peek-a-Boo is a lot less used.  We enjoyed it because of the peace and solace it provided throughout the day.   I can not stress enough that going early is the best way to see the parks.  We had no problem parking and only saw 4 other people and some horseback riders on the trail for the first 2 hours we were there.

We finished our hike around lunch time, drove to a view point further into the park to have lunch with a view.  We enjoyed our lunch looking out over the park and then headed back to our lodging to relax for the afternoon and get ready for dinner.   Bryce has been my favorite park I have seen so far this summer.  It is far less crowded than all the other parks, I’ve visited.  The more remote hiking is challenging but very manageable, and the weather was a lovely 77 degrees.  August is actually the rainy season here.  We have had a few afternoon thunderstorms today.  I know I will definitely be back to this park as I rate it my number one.



And after an amazing time in this area and as the storms were winding down, nature gave us this amazing cadenza.  This has been quite the spectacle on this journey.



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