What happens in Vegas….

Today was a travel day for us. We left Bryce Canyon around 8am and headed towards the Hoover Dam via Vegas. There were a few rainstorms on our way through and we did not end up seeing the eclipse. We didn’t have the correct eyewear to see it anyway. We were a little ahead of schedule so we had an impromptu stop in Vegas at the MGM to grab lunch and walk a little of the Vegas strip.

Had a nice lunch and played a slot machine for about a total of 2 minutes. I only lost 70 cents. Not too shabby. Off to the Hoover Dam. We stopped and looked around at the Dam. It was very hot at that time of day. We took some pictures breezed through the gift shop and then headed to our evening destination of Peach Spring AZ.

This town is on the Hualapai Reservation. It’s on the old route 66 which we got to drive for about an hour. It’s also about an hour from any larger town/city.

We checked in and I had noticed this Cavern Inn place just about 7 miles from the hotel. Michael looked it up and yes, we could have dinner in a cave. We made reservations for 7:30 and we got there and we were the only ones in the place.

This place is really cool. You literally eat 210 feet below the surface in a cavern. The food is pretty good, but the experience is really great. It comes in a package deal with a tour of the cavern. It’s a unique experience you should have if you are in the area. Hey, doesn’t everyone want to say they had a meal in a cavern 200 feet below ground?

Then it was off to sleep for the last big adventure of the trip. Tomorrow….we raft the Colorado in the Grand Caynon!

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