Ain’t it just Grand…..

So we stayed on the reservation and booked our tour through their adventure agency called Hualapai River Runners.  I must say, this tour was flawless from start to finish. We were about an hour bus ride from our starting point on the Colorado…our bus driver JR was great and gave us little bits of info on our dirt road drive. We saw the fault lines, divides, as well as a snake or two.

Our guide Gina who was also just received her captain license was awesome. The local guides who grew up in this area and have had access to the land through the reservation, I believe was such a unique advantage point and perspective. We spent 4 hours on the river, covering 31 miles, 12 rapids that were classified between III-VII out of scale of 10. Gina was great, and our boat had mostly enthusiastic people. I of course, met a girl that went to Cornell on the boat so we talked Ithaca and wineries throughout the day.

I haven’t laughed that hard as I watched walls of water come over the boat and at people’s faces. We stopped twice, once to see an awesome waterfall in part of the caynon and once for lunch.

The afternoon, our crew had signed up for the helicopter ride out over to the Skywalk on the west rim. Looking up at the canyon all day and seeing how massive it was and then seeing it from above as we flew out, was an amazing perspective that I’ll cherish.

The skywalk was a surprise gift for Michael’s birthday. Heights are not my cup of tea, but I was willing to do it since I was here anyway. I must say the height isn’t what bothers me, it’s the glass floor. Everything in my brain says, it’s glass, it breaks. I was good as long as I had my death grip on the railing and was standing on the part of the floor you could not see through. The skywalk was the busiest part of the day for us. There were lots of people but because we booked a tour with the this tour company we bypassed the line to get out on the skywalk. BONUS!

I was proud that I made it out and all away around the walk without freaking out or tossing my cookies. It was a good challenge for my fear of heights.

We had a 2 hour van ride back to the hotel where we ate dinner at the only restaurant on the reservation. We had an amazing day and I highly recommend this tour if you have a day to spend in the Grand Canyon. There was only a total of 50 of us in the tour and only 8 or 9 people to a boat. It was a much more intimate and experience with the crowds of people on the trails or river. This was an excellent Cadenza to the trip! The grand canyon was in fact…..grand.


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