Santa Monica Mountains

I was so glad to make this short drive from Thousand Oaks up to the Santa Monica Mountains.  I actually didn’t drive but took an uber.  I don’t advise you to do this.  I must say that I was lucky to actually summon an uber once in the recreation area.  There is very little cell service in the park itself, I didn’t give that warning much attention.  I lucked out by being able to log on to the unsecured wifi signal of the Circle X Ranch house at the end of the Canyon View Trail.   That was the only way I was going to summon an Uber driver while in the middle of the park.  Otherwise, it would have been a 6-mile walk down the canyon road to the Pacific Coast Highway in order to catch an uber and a cell signal.

IMG_5303IMG_5293IMG_5289IMG_5284IMG_5298IMG_5301IMG_5297IMG_5296CircleX_1_fin Trail Map 2

The views of the mountains, canyons and ocean are amazing.  The trek up to Sandstone peak from the trailhead is a short one but it’s uphill all the way and has some steep parts at the end.  It’s worth the trek and if you are in ok physical shape will be able to easily enjoy the views from the top.  I recommend this short hike and lovely park.

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