Preschool Composers?

When we think of composing music, preschool is not the first thought that comes to our mind.  As an early childhood teacher having to teach reading to Kindergarteners, I have been focused on how to break down music into a very simple form of notation.   Using color-coded bars on Orff instruments I am able to use dots as a form of musical notation.


I have the students practice with the dots in a powerpoint I created.   We practice those for several months.  I’m not concerned with one to one correspondence yet as it is not developmentally appropriate.  I focus on if they can match the dot to the color and make the connection that the symbol means to tap the appropriate color. Dot Playing Prek-K

After they have had routine practice for a few months, I then give them the opportunity to create their own dot song.  I give them six dots and a small strip of paper.  Putting a smiley face on one side gives them a reference point on where to start.  This reinforces that left to right tracking that will be needed later for reading books and music.  I have them put the dots on the paper in any order they wish and then play it for the group.

Voila!  Preschool composers!



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