Waterfalls are cleansing…for the soul

I spent last week in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, singing at Tanglewood, hiking in the state parks, seeing museums and theater.  I love the Berkshires! I’ve been going out there for the last fifteen years as a member of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus.  It has been a place that has felt like a second home.  I’ve met folks out there and have made friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime.

This time was bittersweet as it was the last time I was out there as a member of the Chorus. It was also the memorial concert celebration and memorial spreading of the ashes of John Oliver, the founder, conductor, mentor of the chorus.  John was all of those things and also a dear friend.  I know that I will always visit and enjoy all it has to offer but a chapter of my musical life ended.



Emotions were raw and I had an overwhelming sense of sadness and grief, so I turned to some quality time in nature.   I did a few small treks.  I headed up to Mount Greylock and saw the top of the mountain.  I love water. I love being near water, it’s why I live close to the ocean.  I decided to check out a few waterfalls.  I did a short hike on Mount Greylock to March Cataract Waterfall.  It was a pretty easy trek to a small fall at the end.   I didn’t run into anyone else on the trail and it was exactly what  I needed to begin to clear my head and move into a better space.  I then went over to Cascade trail and falls just a few miles away.  The Cascade Trail in Adams, MA was definitely worth the short hike.  This was a beautiful little fall that had a clear pool at the bottom where you could wade in the water on that 95-degree day.  I highly recommend to anyone in that area.  Another bonus, I had the place to myself.  The last place I headed that week was to Bash Bish Falls.  This is a very popular spot.  There were a lot of people but wanted to take my partner there with me as something to do together.

There is something about the movement of water over rocks, trees and nooks that calms the soul.  It also reminds me that it’s always in motion.  Water keeps moving, always.  Even when something tries to stop it, it finds or creates a new way to move.  It is one of the many ways nature shows us that we must move forward, we must keep going.



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