Call & Answer Composing

Creating music in the classroom is an important part of music. Anyway students can independently work through creating music in different ways.  Iconic, standard, solfege, recording, are all fantastic ways to get students involved in the creating music.

Second Graders started the year by creating call and answer musical ideas with solfege.


Students practiced a few call and answer musical ideas as a full group.  We discussed the idea of home tone and always coming back to Do at the end for now.  We created call and answers using the solfege syllables do, re, mi.  We practiced adding words to the syllables so students understand that the call and answer is like a musical conversation.  The idea should resemble people having a conversation.   Students worked in pairs, one created the call and the other created the answer.  Students rehearsed the solfege to practice their tune and then added words.

Involving students in the creating music is crucial in their development of understanding the artistic process.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Grade 2 September Week 2 LessonCreate a melody with solfege for grade 2, Hello

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